Poker Game Site Blocked? Here’s How to Overcome It

Poker Game Site Blocked? Here’s How to Fix It – Are you a poker gambling player who has played using online poker gambling sites to bet? In Indonesia, playing land-based gambling karetslot is considered outdated and impractical to do. With the advancement of technology that is increasingly sophisticated, online poker games are growing and are in demand by many people. Old, young, adults, boys and girls also really like the online poker game.
This is because there are many conveniences that you can get from playing poker online. Starting from more flexible access to play, security, large payouts and bombastic bonuses make online poker games so popular in Indonesia. This will certainly make land-based poker gambling increasingly abandoned because of how easy online poker gambling is to play.
Unfortunately behind the ease of online poker games being played. There are problems that often haunt many players. Blocked gambling sites often occur in Indonesia because of the newsletter. With this happening, of course you will not be able to play poker. But don’t worry, there are still ways to be able to open blocked online gambling sites that you can do yourself at home.

Blocked Poker Game Site? Here’s How to Overcome It So You Can Keep Playing Online Poker Games
For those of you who experience blocked poker game sites, below we will provide solutions so that you can continue to play in online poker games.

  1. Download VPN On Your Device
    The first thing to do is download vpn on your device. Why does it have to be vpn? Even though there are web proxies and alternative links? With vpn you can more freely access blocked online poker gambling sites. Vpn can be directly operated in the background. That’s why vpn is highly recommended to choose. Vpn is now available on many devices including laptops, tablets, and cell phones. For those of you mobile phone users, even android and ios phones have vpn available. You can download vpn for free or paid. For those of you who have a little money left over, just choose a paid vpn because there is a difference in internet speed.
  2. Operate the VPN That Has Been Downloaded
    Next, for the second way to do is to operate the downloaded vpn. This vpn can be operated immediately after you open it. Select the location you want to use but it is still recommended to choose the vpn with the smallest ping. Ping is a meter that can be used as an indicator of whether or not the internet speed is smooth. If there is a location with a large ping, just leave it and look for a location with a small ping. Or as we said before, there are paid vpns that are slightly more expensive but can provide pings from 2 ms to 5 ms only. It’s okay to be expensive as long as you can play smoothly on blocked online poker gambling sites.
  3. Re-access Blocked poker sites
    Finally, minimize the vpn that you use and then access the blocked poker site again. To be able to continue accessing blocked poker gambling sites, you can open the gambling site concerned again through the browser. Just re-enter by copying and pasting the blocked site link. Automatically vpn will work to open the blocked road. For those of you who are curious about how vpn works, you can get access because your ip address will be disguised. With an overseas location, the newsletter will definitely not be able to block your access. Newsletters can only block access from Indonesian ip addresses. With a disguised ip address, it will certainly be easier to open.
    Through this method, you will definitely be able to open a blocked poker gambling site. That’s all the information we can convey, share this article if you think the information we provide can add knowledge and insight to many people. That’s all and thank you.